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What is shortsea?

Shortsea shipping is not just a matter of moving boxes from A to B. Unifeeder Shortsea offers optimised and tailor-made door-to-door solutions for almost any type of cargo.
When it comes to key factors such as safety, leadtime, emissions and cost, it is a highly competitive alternative to conventional road transport.

8reasons tochoose the

Green Corridor

  1. Achieve savings on your shipping
  2. Choose the container size that fits your load and avoid mixing your cargo with others
  3. Get a robust supply chain with competitive leadtimes
  4. Low switching costs by changing from traditional trailer loads to 45' palletwide containers as the 45' takes the exact same number of pallets as the trailer
  5. Increase safety by shipping in sealed steel boxes rather than in tarpaulin covered trailers
  6. Help reduce traffic on congested European roads
  7. Reduce the environmental footprint of your supply chain
  8. Harvest the synergies of working with the largest intra-european container carrier
Shortsea is the key to a sustainable supply chain

“For over 4 years Unifeeder has consistently provided Bosch Siemens with a dedicated short sea freight service at a competitive and reliable price. This service continues to prove the reliability, flexibility and supply chain expertise that Bosch Siemens requires from a long term partnership. Bosch Siemens is happy to have Unifeeder included in our carrier portfolio and we look forward to our continued cooperation.”

Jeffrey Glynn
Bosch Siemens

The most extensive intra european coverage

Geographically, our market stretches from Ireland in the west to Russia in the east, and from south of the Alps to the Norwegian fjords. Since seaborne transport can replace or complement other transport modes, especially trucking, the market potential for our door-to-door offering is substantial.

European coverage

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Shortsea is a highly competitive tailor-made door-to-door alternative to traditional road transport. Therefore, you can find huge savings by rethinking your logistics. With shortsea you can make just-in-time delivery easy. You can also reduce losses caused by theft and freight damage.



Unifeeder can offer the network, the regularity and the leadtimes necessary to make shortsea a highly competitive alternative to conventional road transport. Our vessels can load as much as 800 45’ containers, which equals 800 truck loads.



In a CSR context, there are many good reasons to focus on your company's logistics chains. By choosing shortsea, you can make a valuable contribution to less congestion, less emissions and less risk of traffic accidents on the European roads.

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